Painting is the colour of our lives

Learn the artisan craft of a Balinese painter

There is no better way to immerse yourself in Balinese culture than with art; it’s a means of learning about cultural stories, the local lifestyle and unique trades.

Ketut Nik and his family are passionate about meeting travellers and providing them with an experience they will never forget.

Come join Ketut Nik at his workshop and learn how to paint a typical Balinese landscape in three hours or visit his gallery and take home a painting as a souvenir.

Learn a new craft

1-on-1 Classes

Rp 350k / US$26

Join Ketut Nik for a three-hour 1-on-1 session where you’ll be walked through the techniques of painting a local landscape, including the Bali painting method of mixing colors on your hand.

Group Workshops

Rp 300k / US$22 per person

Gather a group for a fun half-day lesson with Ketut Nik, learning local painting techniques, creating souvenirs to take home from an unforgettable trip. Lessons can be customised for children.

Meet Ketut Nik

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Ketut Nik is a Balinese painter, passionate about the diversity of Balinese painting styles and techniques. He draws using several methods and his own unique style. Balinese art is traditionally dark, but Ketut prefers to stay on the bright side – adding color and light to all of his paintings.

Buy A Painting

Take home a piece of Bali

Learn more

Visit Ketut’s gallery in Pengosekan and take a Bali painting home with you. From small handpainted bookmarks to wall-sized canvases, revel in the attention to detail, cultural depictions and intricate patterns.